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Looking for QuickBooks Alternatives? Here Are The Top Three in 2023

August 3, 2023

Tally Automation

Looking for QuickBooks Alternatives? Here Are The Top Three in 2023

August 3, 2023
Ankit Virani

Kalpesh Zalavadiya

Co-Founder Suvit

QuickBooks has long been a reliable choice for accounting software in India. But as of 31st January 2023, Intuit decided to discontinue QuickBooks in India. This has left businesses searching for alternatives, and we're here to guide you through this transition.

These alternatives are chosen based on their ability to customize, availability of mobile applications, time-tracking features, and many other factors. Plus, we'll also provide insights into each software's pricing.

Our aim is to help you find an alternative that can make your accounting process even more efficient and automated than before. Let's dive in!

(Note: In this blog, while we discuss QuickBooks alternatives, we also introduce you to Suvit - a powerful AI-powered Accounting Automation Software. Though not a direct replacement for QuickBooks, Suvit serves as a valuable tool for automating numerous accounting tasks, making the life of accountants and business owners significantly easier.)

Top QuickBooks India Alternatives in 2023


Here are the best QuickBooks India alternatives in India and reasons why should a business owner choose them:

1. Zoho Books: 75 Million Users and Counting

Zoho Books is well-known for its CRM. It automatically calculates GST and creates the report. Zoho Books offers a 14-days free trial. In this accounting software, you can manage more than one project, add tasks, and assign them to workers.

Features include:
  • Integration with multiple online payments.
  • Track expenses and record invoices.
  • It automatically fetches a bank statement to your account.

Check out 5 classification for Zoho Books pricing here.

2. HostBooks: Transform Your Accounting Experience

HostBooks is a combination of cutting-edge technology and accounting expertise. HostBooks cuts down the compliance time in tasks like receivables, payouts, inventories, or bank reconciliations. 

Features include:
  • Reconciliation of invoice mismatches
  • Automatic error detection
  • Stay updated about your tax liabilities. 
  • Spontaneous import and export of data

HostBooks has three tiers for plans which are Essential, Professional and Enterprise. All plans have sub-plans according to modules. Checkout the pricing structure of HostBooks here.

3. Tally: Most Popular and Trusted Accounting Software in India 

Tally provides VAT reports from all the states in India. You can also use the remote desktop version but with the condition: your server must be on. It has larger acceptability and it is good for businesses with huge transactions like over 50,000 per year. 

Features Include:
  • Simple and consistent navigation 
  • Multi-user license for larger volume transactions
  • Enables instant statements with a real-time and multi-user environment
  • one-stop solution for compliance

Tally's single-user version is priced at Rs. 21,240 and the multi-user version is priced at Rs. 63,720.To checkout other upgrades and add-ons pricing click here.

For a step-by-step guide on how to migrate your data from QuickBooks to Tally, read this dedicated blog here. 

How to Migrate Your Data From Quickbooks India to Tally?

The biggest problem in data migration is the manual entry you will have to do from Quickbooks India to Tally or any other software. 

Automation technology of Suvit is the best way to migrate data to Tally.

It automates your repetitive tasks and the data transfer process from QuickBooks India to Tally is done 100% error-free!

How to Import data from Quickbooks India to Tally?

  1. Export your QuickBooks data in Excel or PDF 
  2. Download Suvit and connect with Tally
  3. Separate your data in different modules of Banking, Sales and Purchase
  4. Choose the option of Send Transactions to Tally 
  5. Without making a single manual entry, your data has now been pushed into Tally

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Suvit


  1. Accuracy: Manual data entries are pushed to accounting software by AI-powered tools which eliminates human errors.

  2. Robust Security: Trustworthy, safe, & protected with a shield against data loss or theft with different levels of encryption.

  3. Save Time: Repetitive tasks are automated. Clients can directly access the portal and upload documents in Suvit which can later be pushed into Tally with a single click.

  4. Remote Access: Work with Suvit anytime and from anywhere with our powerful cloud integration. Share the access with your team and control how much information they have access to.

  5. Increased Productivity: Time saved in manual data entries, clerical work and follow ups will lead to increased productivity. Leaving you with spare time to do other important tasks.

Why Suvit?

Suvit brings AI to your accounting, eliminating manual errors and ensuring robust data security. Its user-friendly interface makes it as easy to use as Excel, allowing you to save up to 80% of the time typically required for data entries. With Suvit, you can communicate transparently with your clients and access all your financial data at your fingertips. Try now.

You don't need to be an accounting expert to use Suvit. As a business owner, you can easily share your data with your accountant on the go, saving valuable time.

For further assistance, our customer support is always available to help, or you can explore our tutorials on YouTube.

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