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Suvit is an universal platform for integration of various accounting and tax programs into a single office environment. Suvit helps you stitch together a seamless journey in managing finance data and operations through a single platform - whether you are a taxpayer or a tax expert, it does not matter. The main task is to provide convenient open architecture for processing huge financial data flows and automating finance management processes.

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We aim to bring 100% taxation experts and payers together on a single platform

Our Mission

Suvit aims to become a smart digital platform built to bridge the gap between taxation, accounting, banking, auditing, professionals, and users involved in such sectors to shorten the data lifecycle for a better response.

Suvit uses an architecture that facilitates onboarding the taxpayers and tax experts of the country and integration with government portals. This enables swift movement of data, transparency in operations and ease of creating a centralised repository. The solution results in massive time savings (to the tune of 80%) and increase in process efficiencies.

We envision reinstituting the accounting of India as the source of global economic practices.

Our Vision

The modern world practises the accounting standards set by the UK and the US, but India was once held to be the cradle of accounting, with wise minds like Chanakya and Aryabhatt carrying the torch. Suvit envisions adding a new dimension to the global standards in accounting and economics. Wouldn't it be great to have that power back?

With Suvit, we can change that.


Core Values

At Suvit, we believe that for us to achieve our vision and mission, the first step is to create a culture of trust with our users. A culture that has values of integrity, ethics at the core and is underpinned by modern design thinking. The name ‘Suvit’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘trusted’. The origin of the word draws inspiration from our Patron Saint Chanakya, also known as Vishnugupta or Kautilya. Chanakya was an economist, philosopher and teacher who lived in India around 2400 years ago.


Transparency in operations, communication and business




Responsiveness to patrons, trends and situations


Equitability and inclusiveness


Efficiency in delivering value to patrons and internal growth.

Our Story

The Story of Suvit

January 2021
Began with a simple frustration: accounting. Why was accounting (or banking, or finance in general) so complicated?

Suvit is an implementation with great promise, immense potential and high utility. This finance solution can truly initiate a paradigm shift in how the world does accounting or finance or economics in general. Suvit is built to assist your finances. It's the first of its kind in India. It’s built from an amalgamation of Chanakya's principles, market research and industry knowledge with a futuristic outlook.

And it started in February 2022 with one goal to create a collaboration platform for all your financial data needsRead more
February 2022
April 2022
Suvit Promise : Amalgamation of Chanakya's principles, market research and industry knowledge; experience the accounting like never beforeRead more

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