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Automate data entries for banking statements and get suggested ledger names. It offers data processing in payment, receipt and contra vouchers.

Supported Document:
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Scanned PDF
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Do the Sales/Purchase transactions entry, Sales/Purchase Return entry for excel, image and invoices. You can also do Journal entry and create vouchers for  payment, receipt and contra transaction manually.

Supported Document:
  • Excel
  • Image
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Create Stock Items and Ledgers in bulk within minutes. Make manual suggestions for auto filters in ledgers by creating the rules.

Supported Document:
  • Excel
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User Management

Having trouble managing your team? Not to worry, we have got it covered. Now, manage your team efficiently and increase productivity and operations.

Supported Document:
  • Create a user and set access.
  • Assign company to the user.
  • User will start processing data.
  • User will be notified for documents upload.
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How It Works?

Step 1

Get ready with well formatted excel or PDF or Image.

Step 2

Upload it to the desired module.

Step 3

Map the entries and save them.

Step 4

Send them to Tally.

Benefits of Data entry Automation

Reduces Operational Costs

The manual gathering, refining, and analyzing of data can consume valuable resources. On the other hand, data automation reduces costs significantly while performing these tasks more quickly and efficiently.

More Effective Use Of Workforce

Data automation helps you to make better use of your workforce. You will be able to fill jobs that require a higher level of intelligence, creativity, and innovation from your workforce.

Fewer Chances Of Errors

With extreme precision and accuracy, it enables a huge amount of data collection, processing, uploading, and analysis.

Better Decision Making

Data automation provides you with accurate, reliable, numbers and figures promptly. They can then be utilized to help you make timely, rational decisions that will ultimately pay off greatly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Unable to Select Company or Ledger During Document Upload?

If you can't see the company or ledger, sync issues may be the cause.

  • New Subscription: Newly subscribed companies might need syncing. Ensure tally company syncs with Suvit.
  • Secondary Users: Make sure the company is assigned to you..
  • Sync Master: After creating/altering new ledgers/items in Tally, use "Sync Master" from Suvit tally connector.
  • Hard Refresh: After ledger sync, press CTRL+SHIFT+R, then attempt document import/upload.
  • Latest Version: Ensure you have the latest Suvit version for optimal performance. Check "What's New" for updates.
2. Transaction Stuck in 1st or 2nd Stage During Data Transfer from Suvit to Tally?
3. Transactions Failing During Data Transfer from Suvit to Tally?