Tally Automation

Top 5 Benefits Of Data Entry Automation For Freelance Accountants

July 20, 2022

Tally Automation

Top 5 Benefits Of Data Entry Automation For Freelance Accountants

July 20, 2022
Ankit Virani

Kalpesh Zalavadiya

Co-Founder Suvit

Who is a Freelance Accountant?

An individual that operates independently with more than one company. Unlike traditional accountants, freelancers  are not full-time employees of the firm(s) they work with. 

In this scenario, they end up working with as many as 50 clients at once (or more).

Generally, they visit their clients once a week or once a month and carry out all accounting tasks. The clients keep much of their data and paperwork ready for the freelancers to study and then freelance accountants enter the data into softwares.

They manage records of all financial activities, keep records, and file taxes and returns. 

Freelance accountants carry out all these tasks for multiple companies and clients at once. 

What is Data Entry Automation?

Tally is one of the most popular accounting softwares in India. But it comes with its challenges. Especially for Freelance accountants, who need to handle a ton of data at once. 

Data Entry automation and advanced accounting technologies make the entire process much faster, more effective, and easier. 

Instead of manual excel to tally data entries, which could take up hours, you can choose automated data entry and save up to 80% of your time.

How can automation benefit you as a freelance accountant?

1. Saves up to 80% of the time you spend on data entries 

If you are familiar with the clerical work that goes into data entries from excel to tally, you know what a challenge it is. 

With automation technology, you can simply do auto entry in Tally within minutes and without any manual work. 

If you have an excel file, scanned file, or PDF, directly upload it to your automated accounting software, eliminating the tediousness of the task by the auto entry in Tally.  

With Suvit automation,  you can directly upload these files from excel to Tally. 

  • Sales/Purchases Sheets
  • Bank Statements

2. Manage all the data on one platform 

As a freelance accountant, you are bound to have tons of data that must be organised and secure at all times.

Managing them separately and effectively can be made easier with the help of automated accounting software. 

  • Store all the data on the cloud and access it from anywhere 
  • Well-separated modules and folders, which will keep you productive 
  • Give access to your team members and client

3. Work with more clients and companies 

Given the benefits of data entry automation, you will save a great deal of time in your work. You   can easily take on more clients and grow your portfolio up to 5 times. 

  • Client management system, better communication, and remote access to data. 
  • Taking the repetition and manual work out of the system from excel to Tally

All these features allow you to be more productive in your work.

4. Communication and Transparency 

Accounting software and financial bookkeeping are not the best in terms of user-friendliness. With the help of advanced automation technology like Suvit, you can create more transparency with your clients. 

  • You can create a user profile for your clients to directly upload the documents to Suvit 
  • Centralised platform for you and your clients to access and upload data 
  • Get real-time updates about the status of data 

5. Minimise Follow ups 

Clients will be notified of their regular submission of data and paperwork. This means that you will not have to do as many follow-ups, and all documents will be stored and exchanged centrally on Suvit.

  • Single platform for exchanging data instead of it being all over emails, texts, and other apps. 
  • You get notified every time your clients upload new data into Suvit, and your work will be mapped out for you, and you can keep track of your pending tasks

Download Suvit and avail all these benefits 

Suvit is an AI-powered automation technology that reduces all your clerical work with 100% data accuracy. Upload documents with a few clicks, and you will never have to enter data manually from excel to Tally.

You can transfer your data from Excel to Tally in just 3 steps

3 Step

To know more, you can explore our website or get in touch with us

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