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Business Dashboard

  • Seamlessly connect various locations, companies, and financial years with ease.
  • Monitor your business's daily performance regularly.
  • Access insightful dashboards for Owners, CFOs, Sales, Accounts, and Expenses to make informed decisions and foster growth.

Financial Report

  • Analyze Tally reports on the web and mobile for quick decisions anywhere.
  • Streamline tasks with a user-friendly interface for various financial operations.
  • Efficiently manage financial data for effective business operations.

GST Reconciliation

Our GST reconciliation feature simplifies the most complex process. Designed for accuracy and compliance, Suvit's platform ensures that you're always ahead of deadlines and regulatory changes.

  • Map the multiple GST data easily.
  • Automate GSTR1, GSTR2A, GSTR2B Reconciliation.
  • Identify differences in your GST data.

Automated Outstanding Reminder

  • Get paid faster, easily send payment reminders.
  • Share reminders through email, WhatsApp, or SMS.
  • Experience up to a 75% reduction in payment delays and always positive cashflow.

Data Entry Automation

Save time by automating your data entry operations. Upload your documents in Suvit, sit back and relax. We will notify you when it's processed.

What you can automate:
  • Banking | Contra
  • Payment | Receipt
  • Sales | Sales Return
  • Purchase | Purchase Return
Supported Document:
  • All kind of Excel, PDF, Scanned PDF and Image

Data Analysis

  • Easily access pre-built reports and create custom dashboards.
  • Gain insights on top customers, best-selling products, without depending on CA.
  • Informed decision-making to drive business growth.

Fall in love with Suvit: Here’s Why!

Suvit automates all the repetitive accounting tasks such as data entry, client followups, finance data curation with its centralized ecosystem enabling the accounting practitioners and tax experts to focus on more value-added tasks that include productive accounting.

Before Suvit
After Suvit
Manual and time-consuming processes
Automation streamlines processes
Dependence on collection managers
Automated collections, reminders, and payment allocation
Limited understanding of cash flow
Deep insights for better decision-making
Inefficient remote team collaboration
Seamless team communication and task management
Manual outstanding reminders
Automated reminders with up to 75% reduction in payment delays
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s_green-tick5 Users (Web + Mobile)
s_green-tickBusiness Dashboard
s_green-tickData Entry: Over 8+ types entries
s_green-tickAutomated sharing of invoices
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s_green-tickExcel to Tally
s_green-tickGST Reconciliation
s_green-tickChat/Email Support
s_green-tickVoice Support
s_green-tickAutomated Outstanding Reminder
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Report & Dashboard feature in the suvit application?

The Report & Dashboard feature in suvit is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive view of your business data through graphical representations of key metrics such as sales, purchases, payments, receipts, receivables, payables, and more. It offers insights into your business's financial performance and allows you to customize your view with time filters.

2. How do I access the Report & Dashboard feature?
3. What data categories are represented on the dashboard?
4. Can I customize the view of the dashboard?
5. Is there a way to access detailed reports beyond the dashboard?
6. What additional features are available in the reporting module?
7. Is the Report & Dashboard feature available for multiple companies?
8. Can I share the invoice?
9. Is there a support system in place for any issues related to the Report & Dashboard feature?

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