Document Management

No chance of data loss or data corruption!

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What Makes It Stand Out?

Client-Centric Uploads

Upload client-specific documents with ease

Organized Folder Structure

Access and manage all client folders, ensuring a systematic organization of documents in one central location.

Efficiency Boost

Speed up document uploading processes, enhancing overall efficiency in handling client-related files.

Module-Specific Folders

Use module-wise folders for categorized document uploads, providing a structured approach to managing data.

Secure Storage

Safely store documents within designated folders, ensuring secure and organized storage.

Features For Everyone

Unlimited Storage

Say goodbye to storage limitations! With cloud storage, you no longer have to worry about running out of storage space. It saves you from the risk of data loss and keeps your valuable documents safe. You can experience peace of mind knowing that your documents are securely stored in the cloud.

Sharing and collaboration

Access your documents from anywhere and share them seamlessly via WhatsApp or email. Our versatile sharing options allow you to generate a shareable link or download it according to your preferences.

Insightful Reports

Explore comprehensive reports to acquire valuable insights into your team's activities. Keep track of each member's contributions, including a breakdown of who uploaded specific documents in chosen folders. Remain knowledgeable about your team's productivity, offering visibility into their workloads.


Anytime, Anywhere

Make the most out of Suvit with managing documents from anywhere and anytime!


Supports documents on cloud


Automatically stores the processed documents


Receive documents from Suvit portal


Access/download them from any place


No reliance on physical documents

Your Work Life with Suvit: The Document Management Difference

Without Document Management (Suvit)
With Document Management (Suvit)
Handling DocumentsIt's a mess without a proper system, making things confusing.Suvit makes it easy - all your documents neatly sorted and easy to find.
OrganizationThings are all over the place, and it's hard to keep track.Suvit keeps everything organized so you can find what you need without stress.
Mistakes and ConfusionMore chances of mistakes because everything is manual.Suvit helps you avoid mistakes by keeping things in order and easy to manage.
Finding StuffTrying to find a specific document feels like a treasure hunt.With Suvit, finding documents is a breeze - just a few clicks away.
Time CrunchWasting time searching for stuff instead of getting things done.Suvit saves you time, so you can focus on what really matters.
Happy ClientsClients might get frustrated if things are not in order.Suvit keeps your clients happy by making everything smooth and quick.
Workflow FlowThings don't run as smoothly as they could.Suvit makes your work life easier and more enjoyable.
User-Friendly FeelIt's a bit of a headache trying to get things done.Suvit feels friendly and easy, like having a helpful assistant at your fingertips.

Your Data is 100% Secure

We encrypt your accounting data and store it on world-class cloud infrastructure for top-tier security. Our desktop and mobile apps communicate securely with this data. Plus, we use strong 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe.

Reduce Your Manual Accounting, Without Reducing Your Efficiency.

Let Suvit handle the mundane tasks, so you can focus on the major work!

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