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Plan Your Savings: Suvit RD Calculator

Total Interest
Deposited Amount
Maturity Amount

What is RD?

RD or Recurring Deposits, are like a savings plan where you put money aside every month for a specific time. It's a way to save for the future. You get to decide how long you want to save and how much you can afford to put in each month. RD plans are usually more flexible than Fixed Deposits (FD) and are popular among people who want to start saving regularly, like creating a fund for unexpected expenses.

How is RD Interest Calculated?

To find out how much money you'll have in your Recurring Deposit (RD) after a certain period, you can use this formula:

Formula for RD Interest CalculationM = R[(1+i)^n-1]/(1-(1+i)^(-1/3))
Example Values-
Monthly Deposit (R)Rs 5,000
Number of Quarters (n)4 (as one year has four quarters)
Quarterly Interest Rate (i)8.00/400
Calculation ResultRs. 62,647

How to Use Suvit’s RD Calculator:

Step 1: Adjust the slider to choose your monthly amount

Step 2: Pick the duration in months using the slider.

Step 3: Slide to select the interest rate.

Step 4: You can recalculate your RD anytime by moving the sliders.

Step 5: The RD amount will be instantly calculated as you move the sliders.

Why Use Suvit's Simple Interest Calculator?

1. Informed Budgeting: Suvit's RD Calculator helps you anticipate your future RD balance, enabling effective budgeting and wise financial allocation.

2. Goal-oriented: Use Suvit's RD Calculator to determine the optimal RD term and monthly amount, aligning with specific financial goals, be it a dream vacation or a down payment.

3. Flexible and Transparent: Easily experiment with different scenarios by adjusting sliders on Suvit's RD Calculator, ensuring flexibility and transparency in finding the right RD plan for your needs.

4. Easy and Clear: Suvit's RD Calculator is user-friendly, requiring no complex inputs or financial jargon, making it accessible for everyone.

Don't let saving feel like a chasing game. Take control of your future with the Suvit RD Calculator. Gain clarity on your RD growth potential and make informed choices for a secure tomorrow.