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Plan Your Secure Future: Suvit PPF Calculator

Total Interest
Total Investment
Total Maturity Amount

What is PPF?

The Public Provident Fund (PPF) was introduced in India in 1968 to encourage people to save small amounts of money by investing it with the benefit of earning returns. PPF is a popular choice for many savers because the returns are not taxed. It's like a savings plan that also helps you save on taxes. If you want a secure way to invest, save on taxes, and earn guaranteed returns, opening a PPF account is a good option.

What is a PPF calculator?

If figuring out investment numbers isn't your strong suit, don't worry! For those planning to invest in PPF but unsure about how much to invest or the returns they might get, our PPF calculator is here to help.

Once you know how much you can invest regularly, the calculator assumes a 15-year period and the current interest rate to estimate the returns. It takes the guesswork out of PPF investments.

How is PPF interest calculated?

The interest on PPF gets added up each year. To figure it out, you can use this formula: 

F = P[({(1 + i) ^ n}-1)/i]

In this formula:

  • F is the total amount you get at the end (the maturity proceeds).
  • P is the yearly payments you make.
  • n is the number of years you invest.
  • i is the interest rate divided by 100.
Formula for PPF Interest CalculationTotal Amount = P × [(1 + r)^n - 1] / r
Example Values-
Annual Deposit (P)Rs. 80,000
Interest Rate (r)6.50%
Number of Years (n)10
Total Amount CalculationRs. 80,000 × [(1 + 0.065)^10 - 1] / 0.065 = Rs. 10,05,413

The table includes the formula for PPF interest calculation along with the specific values used in the example, resulting in the total amount at the end.

How to Use Suvit’s PPF Calculator:

Step 1: Select how often you'll contribute to your PPF - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

Step 2: Specify the amount you plan to deposit each year (maximum Rs. 1.5 lakh).

Step 3: The calculator instantly shows the estimated total amount you'll have at maturity, including accrued interest.

Step 4: Slide the indicator left or right to choose your desired investment period (minimum 15 years).

Why Use Suvit's PPF Calculator?

1. Savings: Knowing your potential PPF returns empowers you to make informed financial choices about your future.

2. Goal-oriented Finance: Feeling the projected amount isn't enough? Adjust your contribution frequency or amount to reach your goals faster.

3. Simple & Transparent: The user-friendly interface makes understanding your PPF growth easy, without financial jargon.

4. Flexible for Everyone: Whether you're a salaried professional or self-employed, the calculator caters to your investment needs.

Don't let retirement planning be a hard thing. Take control of your future with the Suvit PPF Calculator. Gain clear insights into your potential PPF earnings and make informed decisions for a secure tomorrow.