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Jan 24, 2024

Master the Keyboard: Essential Tally Prime Shortcut Keys

Pooja Lodariya



Tally Prime is a powerful accounting software, but navigating its vast features can feel overwhelming, especially for new users. That's where keyboard shortcuts come in - these handy key combinations can significantly boost your efficiency and save you precious time.

In this blog, we'll dive into the most useful Tally Prime shortcut keys, categorized for easy reference. Master these, and you'll be whizzing through your accounting tasks in no time!

General Navigation

EscClose current screen or clear field input.
Ctrl+Up/DownJump to the top/bottom menu in a section.
Ctrl+Left/RightAccess the first/last drop-down menu on top.
Home/End & PgUp/PgDnJump to the first/last line in a list or field.
Ctrl+ASubmit data on the current screen.
Alt+EnterShow/hide details in a table group.
Ctrl+End/Ctrl+HomeNavigate quickly to the beginning/end of the screen.
Alt+F4Close TallyPrime.
Alt+KAccess actions for managing your company.
Alt+YPerform actions related to company data.
Alt+ZShare or exchange company data.
Alt+OBring data into TallyPrime.
Alt+EShare data from TallyPrime.
Alt+GAccess reports and related actions.
Ctrl+GMove between different reports.
Alt+PSend documents directly to the printer.
F1Access comprehensive TallyPrime assistance.
Ctrl+F1Get direct support based on the current screen.
Ctrl+KChoose your preferred language for the interface.
Ctrl+WSelect your preferred language for data input.
Ctrl+E/Ctrl+M/Ctrl+Alt+WShare vouchers or reports.
F2/Alt+F2Select specific date for data entry or reports.
F3/Alt+F3Navigate between multiple loaded companies.
Ctrl+F3Unload companies from the current session.
F12Access settings for managing report views.

Reports Shortcuts

Alt+IInsert voucher
Alt+2Duplicate voucher
Alt+DDelete entry
Alt+AAdd voucher
Alt+XCancel voucher
Ctrl+RRemove line entry
Alt+UDisplay hidden lines
Ctrl+UDisplay last hidden line
EnterDrill-down (open voucher/master)
Ctrl+EnterDrill-down (display voucher)
Ctrl+EnterAlter master (during voucher entry/drill-down)
SpacebarSelect/deselect line
Shift+SpacebarSelect/deselect line (alternative)
Ctrl+SpacebarSelect/deselect all lines
Right button
View detailed/condensed format
Alt+VOpen GST Portal
Alt+CAdd column
Alt+AAlter column
Alt+DDelete column
Alt+NAuto repeat columns
Alt+F12Filter data
Ctrl+F12Calculate balances (conditional)
Ctrl+BView values differently
Ctrl+HChange view
Ctrl+JView exceptions
EnterDrill down from line
Shift+EnterExpand/collapse information
Ctrl+Shift+EndSelect/deselect lines to end
Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect/deselect lines to top
Ctrl+Alt+IInvert selection
Shift+Up/DownLinear selection/deselection

Vouchers and Masters

Alt+DDelete voucher
Alt+XCancel voucher
Ctrl+DRemove item/ledger line
Ctrl+TMark voucher as Post-Dated
Ctrl+FAutofill details
Ctrl+HChange mode (voucher entry)
Alt+SOpen Stock Query report
Ctrl+LMark voucher as Optional
Ctrl+IAdd more details
Alt+JDefine stat adjustments
F10View list of all vouchers/masters
Alt+RRetrieve Narration (previous ledger)
Alt+COpen calculator panel (Amount field)
Alt+VOpen manufacturing journal (Quantity field)
Ctrl+RRetrieve Narration (previous voucher)
TabGo to next input field
Shift+TabGo to previous input field
BackspaceRemove typed value
Alt+CCreate master (on the fly)
Alt+COpen calculator panel
Alt+4 or Ctrl+4Insert base currency symbol
Page UpOpen previously saved master/voucher
Page DownOpen next master/voucher
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Alt+CCopy text from input field
Ctrl+V or Ctrl+Alt+VPaste copied text

Open Vouchers

F4Open Contra voucher
F5Open Payment voucher
F6Open Receipt voucher
F7Open Journal voucher
Alt+F7Open Stock Journal voucher
Ctrl+F7Open Physical Stock
F8Open Sales voucher
Alt+F8Open Delivery Note
Ctrl+F8Open Sales Order
F9Open Purchase voucher
Alt+F9Open Receipt Note
Ctrl+F9Open Purchase Order
Alt+F6Open Credit Note
Alt+F5Open Debit Note
Ctrl+F4Open Payroll voucher
Ctrl+F6Open Rejection In voucher
Ctrl+F5Open Rejection Out voucher

Bonus Tips:

  • Use the Tab key to navigate between fields within a screen.
  • Hold down Ctrl while selecting multiple lines in a report.
  • Right-click on any field for context-specific options.
  • Practice regularly - the more you use shortcuts, the more natural they'll become.

Remember, this is just a starting point. As you explore Tally Prime further, you'll discover even more hidden gems in the form of keyboard shortcuts. Don't hesitate to experiment and personalize your experience for maximum efficiency.

By mastering these shortcuts, you can transform your daily accounting routine from a tedious chore to a streamlined and productive process. Start tapping and watch your productivity soar!

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