Tally Automation

Import Data from Excel to Tally In 3 Easy Steps

July 28, 2022

Tally Automation

Import Data from Excel to Tally In 3 Easy Steps

July 28, 2022

Pushing data into a Tally can be tedious because of the hours of manual entries made from Excel. As an accountant, this process eats into your time. 

On top of that, Tally is not the most user-friendly software that can facilitate seamless data import. 

Automated accounting solves this problem for all tax experts. With the right automation tool for excel to tally data import, 100% error-free entries and process optimization is possible. 

The process can be completed in  3 steps, taking only a few clicks and saving up to 80% of the time you would normally take in data entering. 

Before you begin

Download Suvit and begin your 7-Day Free Trial, 

Make sure that Suvit is connected to Tally and the Internet. 

Step 1

Upload your excel sheets according to the modules available of Banking, Sales or Purchase

Step 2

Fill out the necessary information and click on Save Mapping

Final Step 

Click on Send Transactions to Tally. 

You will be notified once your entries are pushed into Tally. 

Apart from enabling a quick and easy data transfer, Suvit offers tons of other benefits

  • You can directly upload PDFs, scanned PDFs, and excel sheets to Suvit
  • Clients can upload documents directly instead of sharing it to you on other platforms
  • Centralized platform where you can manage all your data and collect data insights 
  • Access data remotely and share controlled access to your team members 
  • Machine learning and AI will continually optimize so you don't have to repeatedly enter the same data over and over again in Suvit

Thanks for making it to the footer, we have something for all Tax Experts and Chartered Accountants in India.

Suvit is extending 24/7* support to all the accountants to help them with tax filings. 

You can contact us anytime till 31st July 2022 for any assistance you may need. 

Call us on 

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You can also email us at support@suvit.io.

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Ankit Virani

Ankit Virani

CEO Suvit

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