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Apr 26, 2024

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Invoice Automation with Suvit

Divyesh Gamit



Ever feel like you spend more time grappling with invoices than analyzing financial data? You're not alone. Manual invoice data entry is a notorious time-suck, bogging down accounting teams and hindering productivity. Imagine hours spent keying in information, prone to typos and errors – a recipe for frustration and delays.

But fear not, weary warriors of the accounting world! Invoice automation is here to save the day. By harnessing the power of technology, you can finally break free from the shackles of manual data entry.

Let's dive into the world of invoice automation and explore how it can revolutionize your accounts payable process, boosting both efficiency and accuracy.

Invoice Data Extraction Automation

At the heart of invoice automation lies a powerful tool called invoice data extraction. This technology acts like a digital assistant, automatically pulling key information from your invoices. Think vendor names, invoice numbers, dates, and amounts – all the crucial details that fuel your accounts payable (AP) workflow.

Imagine the traditional AP process: invoices pile up, each one demanding manual data entry. This slows down processing, creates room for errors, and keeps your team chained to repetitive tasks. Invoice data extraction tackles this head-on, streamlining the workflow by:

  • Automating data capture: No more manual keying! The system extracts data electronically, freeing your team for more strategic work.

  • Reducing errors: Say goodbye to typos and inconsistencies. Automated extraction ensures data accuracy, minimizing the risk of errors that can slow down payments or create accounting headaches.

  • Improving visibility: With extracted data readily available, you gain better insight into your spending patterns and financial health. Now, let's explore the two main approaches to invoice data extraction automation:

1. Template-based Extraction:

This method works well for invoices with a consistent format. The software is trained to recognize specific locations for data points based on a predefined template. Think of it like a fill-in-the-blank form – the system knows where to look for specific information.


  • Fast and efficient: For standardized invoices, template-based extraction excels in speed and accuracy.

  • Easy to set up: Requires minimal configuration for consistent invoice formats.


  • Struggles with variations: Any deviation from the template (e.g., different font size) can throw the system off.
  • Limited flexibility: Not ideal for handling invoices from diverse sources with different layouts.

2. AI-based Extraction with OCR:

This approach takes automation to the next level. It utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert text from images (scanned PDFs or photos) into a format the computer can understand. Then, machine learning kicks in, identifying and categorizing the extracted data.


  • Handles diverse formats: AI can adapt to different invoice layouts and variations, making it highly flexible.

  • Continuous learning: Machine learning algorithms become more accurate as they process more invoices.


  • Requires training data: The system needs to be trained on a set of sample invoices to optimize performance.

  • May require human oversight: While highly accurate, AI extraction might still benefit from human review for complex invoices.

Both approaches offer distinct advantages. Choosing the right one depends on the volume and variety of invoices you typically handle.

Benefits of Invoice Automation

Imagine a world where invoice processing isn't a chore, but a breeze. Invoice automation unlocks a treasure trove of benefits, transforming your AP workflow from a sluggish slog into a smooth and efficient operation. Here's how:

Turbocharge Your Efficiency:

Say goodbye to hours spent keying in data. Invoice automation cuts processing time significantly, freeing up your team to focus on higher-value tasks like financial analysis or strategic planning. Imagine the possibilities when your team isn't bogged down by repetitive data entry!

Embrace Accuracy Like Never Before:

Human error is a fact of life, but manual data entry can wreak havoc on your finances. Invoice automation minimizes errors by eliminating the need for manual keying. This translates to fewer headaches from incorrect payments or data inconsistencies, allowing you to trust your financial data with confidence.

Gain Unprecedented Visibility:

Ever feel like you're flying blind when it comes to your spending patterns? Invoice automation sheds light on your finances by providing faster access to extracted invoice data. This empowers you to gain valuable insights into your cash flow, identify areas for cost savings, and make informed financial decisions.

Slash Costs and Free Up Resources:

Invoice automation isn't just about convenience – it's about saving you money. By reducing processing time and minimizing errors, you free up valuable resources that can be channeled into more strategic initiatives. Not to mention, the potential reduction in paper handling and physical storage can contribute to additional cost savings.

How Suvit Helps with Invoice Automation

We've explored the magic of invoice automation and its many benefits. Now, let's meet Suvit, a powerful accounting automation tool that specializes in conquering the challenges of invoice data extraction.

Suvit acts as your invoice processing sidekick, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline your workflow.

Here's how Suvit tackles invoice automation:

Effortless Data Capture:

No more wrestling with different invoice formats! Suvit can handle a variety of file types, including PDFs, scanned PDFs, and even XLS files. It automatically extracts key data points, saving you the time and frustration of manual entry.

AI-Powered for Flexibility:

Suvit's secret weapon is its AI engine. This allows it to adapt to diverse invoice layouts and variations, making it perfect for businesses that receive invoices from different sources. Unlike template-based systems, Suvit doesn't require rigid formats to function effectively.

Check out here how Suvit does it!

The Human Touch, Enhanced:

While automation takes center stage, Suvit understands the value of human oversight. The system allows for human review and validation of extracted data, ensuring accuracy and maintaining a crucial element of control in the process.

Suvit goes beyond simply automating data entry. It empowers your team to focus on more strategic aspects of accounts payable, ultimately transforming the way you manage your finances.

The age of manual invoice data entry is over. By embracing invoice automation with Suvit, you can unlock a world of efficiency, accuracy, and financial clarity. Suvit empowers your accounting team to focus on what truly matters – strategic analysis and informed decision-making.

Ready to ditch the data entry struggle and transform your AP process? Explore Suvit today and see how it can revolutionize the way you manage your finances!

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