Engineering Lead

Engineering Lead

5+ Years
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As a goal-oriented startup, we're in search of a hands-on, proactive guide who can synergize with us to develop products and supercharge our technical prowess. Simply put, we need a leader with programming skills and management abilities, not managers with superficial coding knowledge.

Supervision of technical excellence and product:

Your responsibilities will include directing and overseeing the technological endeavors our engineering team embarks on. This primarily involves collaboratively conceptualizing and architecting novel features with the team, developing tests, reviewing code integrity, and more. It also encompasses setting priorities, delegating tasks, tracking progress, and ensuring the team adheres to timelines and achieves project completion dates.

Instituting engineering procedures and industry standards:

As a fledgling startup, we lack firmly established procedures, making it your role to design and execute best practices to enhance the efficiency of our engineering team. This might entail formulating coding norms, initiating quality control processes, integrating project management and collaboration tools, and devising a strategic blueprint for product evolution.

Expanding and heading the engineering team:

You will be tasked with developing a proficient and motivated team capable of actualizing the company's technical objectives. Identifying the crucial competencies and expertise needed by the team, recruiting and assimilating new team members, and providing continuous coaching and support to foster their professional development will be crucial.

Ongoing enhancement and knowledge acquisition:

Your aim should be to constantly seek methods to enhance the team's procedures, productivity, and deliverables. This might involve keeping abreast of emerging technologies, participating in industry functions, and inspiring the team to experiment with innovative solutions to technical hurdles.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Architect, design, and implement end-to-end full stack applications that deliver exceptional user experiences.
  • Strong experience in working with Typescript, React, Node.js and MongoDB (experience with non-relational databases)
  • Experience in working with architecture and design of services and deployment on cloud infrastructure (AWS)
  • Familiar with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) and previously worked with similar tools as TravisCI, Github Actions, DroneCI, CircleCI etc.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to inspire and motivate a team. They should also be able to provide mentorship and support to help their team members grow professionally.
  • Proven track record over 5+ years of managing technical projects effectively, setting priorities, assigning tasks, and monitoring progress to ensure that the team meets project deadlines.
  • Experience with fintech or financial services is a plus.
  • Curiosity to learn things hands-on, apply, break, fix and iterate. We believe in moving fast, breaking things and fixing them in that order.
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related field is ideal., but not required. Your work should speak for yourself.

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