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Transfer Data From QuickBooks to Tally (5 Steps Guide)

July 12, 2022

Tally Automation

Transfer Data From QuickBooks to Tally (5 Steps Guide)

July 12, 2022
Ankit Virani

Ankit Virani

Co-Founder Suvit

Quickbooks is going to stop its services in India from January 2023 and users are looking to migrate their data to another platform.  

It is one of the most popular accounting softwares in India and that means thousands of users have to transfer their data to other platforms. 

Transferring from Quickbooks to Tally is a natural choice and the best alternative in this case. It is the most dependable and reliable accounting software in India. 

This is a step by step guide on how you can migrate your data without making manual entries and saving time on clerical work.

How to transfer data from Quickbooks to Tally 

1. Exporting Accounting Masters from QuickBooks

  • Go to the Menu bar >>>> click on Reports
  • Select List >>>> Select Account Listing
  • Click on Excel >>>> Select Create New Worksheet 

An excel sheet will be created with your data, but it will be without a customer and suppliers list. 

Set the format of the exported master excel sheet as Ledger-Chart-Group

2. Exporting Customers & Suppliers List

  •  Go to the Menu bar >>>>click on Reports
  •  Click on>>>> Customers & Receivables 
  •  Select>>>>Customer contact List

Now, from the Menu bar

  • Click >>>>Reports
  • Select >>>>Vendors & Payables
  • Click >>>>Vendor Contact List

Set the exported Customer or Supplier master as: 

Customer- Chart- Grouping- Contact-Phone- Email

You can change the grouping accordingly for customers and suppliers.

3. Exporting Transactions 

     a. Go to the Menu bar

     b. Click >>>>Reports

     c. Select>>>> Custom Reports 

     d. Click >>>> Transaction

     e. Select the period from and to 

After choosing the period using From and To date, you can choose the columns you require to be exported to excel in the Columns Sections and click on the Filters Tab.


     a. From Choose Filter Tab, Select>>>> Transaction Type

     b.Select “Transaction Type” from the drop-down.

     c. Press the OK button

     d. Go to Transaction details >>>>Click on Excel >>>> Select Create New Worksheet

     e. Click >>>> Advanced 

Now, go to the Advanced Excel option. Make sure to check and uncheck the QuickBooks Options, Excel Options, and Printing Options according to your export needs.

Click OK and data will be exported to excel.

4. Manual Data Entry in Tally 

Once you get your files  exported from QuickBooks then you will be required to enter all that data into Tally

  • The exported pdfs and .xml needs to be manually entered into Tally
  • This will take loads of time and effort 
  • The process is not error-free and reliable 
  • Tally does not have the most user-friendly interface 

The best way to migrate data from Quickbooks to Tally is via an accounting automation tool 

Suvit is an AI-powered accounting automation tool that will migrate data from Quickbooks to Tally successfully eliminating clerical work. 

Once you have the files ready after exporting, you can upload the files directly in a few clicks. 

The process has multiple benefits 

  • 100% error free and automated entries 
  • Access your data from anywhere. 
  • Increased productivity with time saved 
  • Powerful accounting features at your fingertips
Send to tally

What otherwise would have been hours of clerical work, Suvit automation has done it in a fraction of the time. 

1. Download Suvit on your computer and choose a subscription

2. Connect with Tally and Internet 

3. Keep your exported data ready from Quickbooks in an excel or pdf format 

4. Select from modules present in Suvit like Banking, Sales, or Purchase and upload the excel/pdf file to it.

5. Click on “Send Transactions to Tally” 

Save hours of your time and avoid tedious manual work of data entry. This makes the entire process fast, easy and efficient. There are many added benefits of Suvit if you are an accountant or a business owner which you can explore here. 

Apart from that you can attend live sessions with our team for more information. 

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