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Aug 24, 2023

Suvit Mobile Application: Tally Accounts at Your Fingertips

Ankit Virani



Managing your Tally data can now be as smooth as balancing the numbers in a ledger! 📚 Well, get ready to meet Suvit mobile application that does the job – the superhero that brings your Tally Prime data to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. 📱 

No more tangled accounts and loads of papers! Suvit's got your back with its magical powers to automate data entry, keep your clients close, and even manage your team with a tap of a finger. 🚀

What is Suvit All About?

What if we say that your entire Tally world can be right in the palm of your hand – that’s what Suvit is here to offer! It's like having a mini version of your trusty Tally Prime available anytime, anywhere. From tracking sales and purchases to managing expenses, generating detailed reports, and even delving into the smallest details of vouchers, ledgers, and items, Suvit has got you covered.

Suvit's Amazing Mobile App Features for Your Business

Running a business is like a thrilling ride, isn't it? But what if we told you there's a new star in the business sky, all set to make your journey smoother than silk? 🌟

That's right, it's the Suvit mobile application! It is available for both Android and iOS users. Let's have a look at some of its features, perfect for Indian businesses:

🚀 Sales Excel, Image Upload: Boost Your Sales Power

Imagine you could keep an eye on your sales from anywhere – even while sipping chai at your favourite tapri. With Suvit's Sales Excel and Image Upload, you're in control. Just punch in your sales data or take a pic of that big order, and Suvit works its magic. Now you can track your sales trends without worrying.

🧾 Purchase Excel, Image Upload

Tired of sifting through stacks of purchase receipts? Let Suvit step in as your shopping sidekick. Whether it's a hefty wholesale purchase or a stylish fashion discovery, just share the specifics. Suvit takes care of the rest, arranging your purchases neatly, just like documents in a well-organized file.

📂 Document Management

Remember those days when finding a document was like finding a needle in a haystack? No more! Suvit's Document Management is your personal organizer. Upload those Excel sheets, PDFs, or even images, and watch as Suvit helps organise them neatly into their digital folders.

💰 Bank Statement Upload

Bank statements can feel like a puzzle at times, right? But with Suvit, it's a walk in the park. Upload your bank statements, and Suvit will solve the puzzle for you. Now you can track your expenses, income, and financial health without scratching your head.


Let's take an example - Ramesh, a mobile phone retailer, always found it tricky to keep track of his purchases. But with Suvit, he simply takes a snapshot of his supplier's invoice and uploads it. Suvit's Purchase Excel and Image Upload feature sorts everything neatly, allowing Ramesh to focus on offering the latest tech to his customers.

Whether it's managing sales, purchases, documents, or bank statements, Suvit has you covered. It's like having a virtual assistant that understands the unique needs of Indian businesses.

Why Suvit is Your Perfect Match

Let’s break it down, the desi way:

🕑 Time Is Money: Suvit’s automation saves your precious time – no more wrestling with data entry.

🌐 Client-friendly Vibes: Say goodbye to confusing client communications. Suvit simplifies sharing documents.

📈 Boost Your Business IQ: With real-time access to Tally data, you can make informed decisions that supercharge your business.

🎓 Team Harmony: Keep your team in sync and enhance their efficiency with Suvit’s user management.

🔥 Explore Suvit’s Other Remarkable Features

Let’s dive into the treasure chest of features that make Suvit stand out like a sparkling gem in the world of accounting software:

1. Magic of Automated Data Entry 🪄

Say goodbye to the days of manual data entry! Suvit is your genie in a bottle – just upload your documents, whether they’re in Excel, PDF, scanned PDF, or image formats, and let Suvit work its magic. While you take a breather, Suvit will process your data like a pro. No more spreadsheet-induced headaches!

2. Easy Client Communication 🤝

Suvit lets you share access with your clients, making sure you’re both on the same page. Your clients can upload documents and they’ll be processed and synced up with Tally. It’s like hosting a teamwork party that keeps everyone grooving!

3. Collaborate With Your Team Members 👥

Managing your team is now easier than a breeze. Suvit puts you in charge of productivity. Just create users, give out tasks, and see your team tackle data like pros. They'll even get reminders to upload documents, while you can relax knowing all's well. Leading a team has never been this stress-free!

Check Out The App Now!

Think of Suvit as your business’s trusted partner for all things Tally Prime. It untangles complexities, brings order to your business universe, and adds a dash of tech brilliance to your fingertips. If you’re an Indian business enthusiast with dreams as big as our beloved country, Suvit is your go-to companion. Get ready to embrace streamlined business operations!

Ready to embark on this journey? 

Download the Android app

Download the iOS app

Cheers to a smoother business adventure, India! 🎉

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