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The Future Of Accounting Is Real-Time Data: Here’s Why

October 18, 2022

Tally Automation

The Future Of Accounting Is Real-Time Data: Here’s Why

October 18, 2022
Ankit Virani

Ankit Virani

Co-Founder Suvit

Real-time data is the data that is made available to users immediately upon being processed.

For example: Visual reports of your sales, purchase, expenses and income data on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.  

It is part of the rampant automation and tech upgrade that is happening all across the F&A sector. Such automation is proving to be effective and is known to increase productivity in all accounting operations. 

According to a report in Forbes, machine learning and AI will be implemented more and more to do clerical tasks and the future accountant will be more strategic and creative than ever.

Here are the top 4 reasons why real-time data is the future of accounting. 

Real-time data will enable faster decision making 

Accountants, tax experts and entrepreneurs will have access to information that was otherwise difficult to procure. The best part about this is that the data will be easy to understand especially for people having a non-accountant background. 

At Suvit we call it founder-friendly reports. Big data will be presented in a clear manner using simple language. 

With the power of automation you will get real-time information about your finances quickly. Such data will enable you to make better and faster decisions, which will have a great impact on your business in the long run. 

The future of business is global 

Technology will be the enabler of communication and is essential for any company to scale. Data is the most valuable commodity in the modern age and much of our future will be shaped based on the data-driven decisions that companies take. 

Real-time data reporting  minimizes chances of error in decision making and by effectively saving your time, makes the entire process smooth and fast. 

You will have a clear understanding of your finances including information of your payables, receivables and so on. 

Live Data Visualization is clear and direct 

Real-time data makes no sense if an accountant or an entrepreneur cannot understand it and take actions based on it. So having it in the correct format is important. Visualization needs to be creative and effective. 

Something that is direct, relevant and a true representation of the future of accounting. 

Organized information that will allow you to scale without worrying about the bandwidth of how much data you can handle. 

With real-time data reports you can take on more projects as an accountant and provide the same excellent experience to your clients. 


No last-minute rush during audits 

Audit and government guidelines are dynamic and are expected to be more technology-forward in the future. With the help of real-time data reports and automation, you will be able to save your data for the long-term.

So you don't have to scramble to collect all the necessary paperwork  at the last minute. 

Especially with the Suvit mobile app, your financial data will be at your fingertips that you can access remotely and at any time. 

Suvit is a powerhouse of automation and real-time data report 

Suvit is an accounting automation software which automates all the repetitive accounting tasks such as data entry, client follow-ups, and provides real-time data in a centralized ecosystem. 

Enabling the accountants and tax experts to focus on more value-added tasks that improve productivity. With Suvit you can save 80% of time you would normally spend on manual accounting tasks.

Apart from that, it comes with advanced features such as payment reminders for clients, remote data access, user management and more. 

The future of accounting is automation that solves real problems in the modern world. And Suvit is the innovation that is built for it.


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