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How Accounting Automation Software makes Excel to Tally data importing effortless?

April 25, 2022

People use a variety of software to meet their specific business accounting needs. Maintaining the integrity of data becomes critical in such situations. Here, we have explained how using Excel to Tally Automation software can assist you with all types of data integration in Tally.

The demand for integrated data has increased as a result of the increased use of automated software such as Tally. To meet this need, Tally offers easy data exchange between Tally products, either through data synchronization or data export and import. Data can be easily exported from one Tally software and imported into another. This enables data migration from one Tally to another.

Although Tally does not have a feature for importing data from other software, you can use the Excel to Tally Import utility to import data from other software (other than Tally) into Tally. This is an automated process with minimal interaction, where the possibility of human error is eliminated.

There are a lot of reasons why one might want to import data from multiple sources into Tally. You may need to use different integration software for each different source. To avoid the time-consuming process of customizing each piece of software, you can simply use an excel-based integration to import all of your bank statements into Tally.

After speaking to some of the Accountants and CA, we found they frequently have questions about importing their stored and processed transactions into Tally. As some of their Tally does not support data migration from Excel to Tally, they find it difficult to process. To all of such professionals facing problems, we have suggested switching to a Tally Data Entry Automation software like Suvit that can import all excel entries to Tally (versions above Tally ERP 9 and all TallyPrime versions).

Not only Excel, but the Data Entry Automation software like Suvit, allows users to import data from PDF and scanned PDF, too! To add on, the whole process just takes a few minutes to complete! Yes! You can easily integrate your data from Excel to Tally without any error.

The best part is no XML Import/Export is required while the data is being entered as Suvit will convert bank statements to Tally entries directly with its Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Also, there is no need to alter your existing Excel sheets to import data from Excel to Tally!

One can also import Sales and Purchase entries along with Bank statements and get their data from Excel to Tally. All of your inventory information, cost centers, and multiple ledgers that need to be debited or credited can be imported and processed efficiently to meet your needs. E-commerce websites & other software sources may require importing data to Tally. All of this is possible with such Excel to Tally data import tools.

Importing data with Suvit has a number of advantages, including saving your time by importing data instantly and reducing your effort. You can easily import bulk entries from Excel to Tally, and for that, you only need a basic understanding of the software to use it because it is so simple to set up! Don’t just rely on our words; Take our seven-day free trial and experience what we are saying on your own.

One can choose the Suvit subscription based on their company requirements available in the categories like Basic, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. This can help Accountants deal with a larger number of clients as Suvit is what eases up the job!

Using automation software, importing data into Tally provides maximum convenience and improved productivity by effectively transferring data with 100% accuracy.

Thus, adapting the modern-day accounting software is what the accountants, CA’s, and tax consultants prefer as it makes the important transactions, such as sales, purchases, and bank statements converted into Tally entries in just some clicks. 

Saving time, avoiding hefty mistakes, and keeping all of your important documents ready at your fingertips is what Automation software like Suvit is all about. For all your Excel, PDF, and Scanned PDF to Tally data entries requirements, contact our devoted support team of Suvit with an online support panel. A knowledge base is always there to guide you to make your accounting easy.

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