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Apr 26, 2022

How can Suvit Data Entry Software help you modernize your business?




When we first started our business, our goal was to change the entire hourly work pattern of data entry. We knew we had to find a solution because it was no longer useful and had a major impact on the productivity of our INDUSTRY’s employees.

It seems easier but if you pay more attention, you will see how much time and energy the work has consumed.

That‘s when we decided to come up with Suvit, a data entry software and bring the world of Tally to your fingertips.

As we know, modernization and evolution go hand in hand, as do Suvit and the world of automation.

When a company starts to grow, many factors will keep the company moving, one if it has to be the team behind it and the technology they use.

The more brilliant teamwork, the easier it is for the company to grow but would that also be the case with old and useless time-consuming software?

Here’s the same thing we’re approaching with Suvit being a data entry software. Take a survey among the employees who use and who don’t.

The result will be in front of your eyes.

Once you start using Suvit there is no going back.

Free your employees from tedious tasks and employ them in ways that can be beneficial for your business.

As a growing company, we would never recommend getting rid of your employees, with Suvit you simply simplify their daily work.

Here Are The Ways We Help You Modernize Your Company:

Excel the Excel

There are days when we want to waste our time and there are days when Excel spreadsheets do the work for us.

Now you can scan your Excel spreadsheet with Excellence in just a few minutes! Surprised?

We were too when we found out that accountants around the world spent 30 to 40 seconds making a single entry from an Excel spreadsheet that can be done in less than 2 seconds. Yes, with data entry software like Suvit, that is achievable.

Excel in your Excel before it’s too late!

Scanned PDf or PDF: Tallying just seconds away

The sky's the limit when it comes to the world of numbers.

That’s why we have developed software that will give you a smoother experience.

Whether it’s Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, or even scanned PDFs, we’ll help you make your trip to Tally smoother.

Automated Tally at your service, with automated data entry software!

Manual Tally, Who?

When technology throws a tally at you, make Suvit out of it. As technology takes the lead, we either can move forward or fall backward.

Manual Tally comes with a lot of setbacks, from repetitive error double-checking to wasting time on inserting data entries.

It is always up to us to choose a side to grow evenly or to recede miserably.

Gone are the days of time-consuming data entry. Welcome to the new era of automated data entry software.

Facile Tally with Suvit.


As a company, we reflect the values ​​that we have worked hard on for years to match our work culture. Whether by growing individually or taking the team with us, A company that intervenes is always up to date in the world of improvements.

Manual counting had its moment, automatic counting is in its moment, To account for changes evenly and with the help of technology.

Automated Tally is more efficient and relieves employees by 70% from their workload. Regardless of the growth, automated tally helps employees with altering time-consuming manual tally to get out of the system.

Running an automated tally can operate your business more efficiently.

There is always room for improvement. The sooner we take the initiative, the better the technological growth we can adopt in our companies. So what are you waiting for? Visit Suvit.io and experience the automated data entry software yourself!

At Suvit, we always take a step forward to help companies make a big impact on their work culture through our smart solutions.

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